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Our aim is to provide the highest quality service possible, at the most reasonable price – with no surprises!

It is our duty of care to contact you for approval if any additional repairs are required – and we’ll help prioritise the work to fit within your budget. It’s this up-front, first-class service that keeps our customers coming back, and why we have been trusted for over 30 years.

All our technicians are highly trained to use the latest electronic equipment for the accurate diagnosis and repair across all makes and models of cars.

RACQ Approved Automotive Repairer

What Our Customers Say

Turbo Master Australia
Turbo Master Australia
00:56 27 Oct 20
Thanks to the team at Reliable Automatics for doing a great job on servicing our Subaru's Automatic transmission. We requested a few extra things to be done and they were were more than happy to accommodate. Highly recommend Reliable Automatics.
Michael Agi
Michael Agi
23:30 14 Oct 20
Big thank you to the team at Reliable Automatics, have been looking for a Subaru CVT expert for the last couple of years to service my gearbox but every workshop I called didn't what too know about it, even Subaru as they reckon it can't be done, sealed for life apparently! Spoke with Ryan and he just answered my questions without hesitation and complete confidence on how the CVT operates. Booked the Forester XT the following week and a couple of hours later, it was done. Like I said to Ryan it is a small price to pay knowing the CVT has finally been serviced before I hit the 100000k. Will be back in a couple years for the next service, once again to all Subaru owners, oil doesn't last for ever!
Clint Tierney
Clint Tierney
23:10 12 Oct 20
Fantastic service. Totally upfront and transparent.
Andy Hoffmann
Andy Hoffmann
07:00 21 Aug 20
Great service. Very competitive and the guys were happy to share their knowledge of how to ensure the best possible lifespan out of the gearbox on my car. Will be back and will recommend.
Mick Spann
Mick Spann
09:21 11 Aug 20
They know their stuff. And don't stuff you around
02:08 10 Aug 20
The guys were excellent and looked after me very well
Andrew Christie
Andrew Christie
06:24 05 Aug 20
Super happy with the team at reliable. First time user and they kept me informed all the way. Didn’t change anything that didn’t need it and offered help where it was need.Will be back for sure.
Peter Elisseos
Peter Elisseos
05:38 05 Aug 20
Many Thanks for a job well done, transmission fixed and sorted as promised.As the name suggests " Reliable Transmissions" my go to box shop. many thanks Ryan and the team, Much appreciated.Kindest regards and stay well -- Peter.
Bradley O'Neill
Bradley O'Neill
01:40 06 Jul 20
Competent and charged less than quoted!


Why does transmission repair cost so much?

There’s no doubt about it, automatic transmission repairs can be expensive. But it’s not so much money when you consider what’s involved.

Today’s automatic transmissions consist of thousands of individual components. During a major repair, each one is removed, cleaned, and inspected to exaction tolerances. Any worn or damaged parts are repaired or replaced.

Then each part is put together into one of many sub-assemblies. Each subassembly must be adjusted, and tested for proper operation. Then the sub-assemblies must be assembled into the transmission case, where the adjustment and testing procedure begins all over again.

Finally, once the transmission is completely assembled, it has to be reinstalled.

If that’s not enough to justify the cost, there is something else to consider: Virtually all of today’s automatic transmissions are computer controlled. This means that the transmission’s ability to operate depends on much more than the condition of the transmission itself. Engine problems now can have a dramatic effect on how the transmission operates.

All of which boils down to one, inescapable conclusion: Sure, transmission work can be expensive…. But, dollar for dollar, it’s one of the best values around.

Why can't I get a price over the phone?

20-or-so years ago, there were only maybe a dozen different transmissions on the road.

Every transmission repair shop had a good stock of rebuilt units on hand. There were almost no updates necessary, and even if something unusual failed, most shops had a good supply of used parts on hand to replace it.

Today there are more than ten times that many transmissions in use, with new ones showing up all the time. Many of those transmissions have several different variations or calibration, with as many as many as a dozen modifications necessary.

What’s more, today’s transmissions are computer controlled, which means even though your transmission may not be working properly, there’s a good chance the root cause of the problem doesn’t have anything to do with the transmission itself.

Will there be extra charges?
We will always ring you for approval of any additional repairs required and advise you as to the priority of work based on your budget.
Are you cheaper than dealership servicing?
Yes! We use OEM parts – the same as the dealership, but we offer very reasonable prices for labour and parts.
Will my manufacturer's warranty become void?
No. Dealerships cannot enforce a monopoly on servicing and this has been legislated. We service your car using OEM parts and ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains in place.


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